Lately, I’ve been enjoying putting my hair up while I’m studying for exams and I sometimes get tired of the same old boring bun. I find this to be way cuter and it takes me the same amount of time to do it.

In order to achieve this look, here are the things you’ll need:

Some optional things you might want to keep handy:

I usually like to do this hair style on second day hair as I find it to be more manageable. I used a brush to bring it all back into the ponytail and to make it nice and smooth.

To get started just roll the donut sock inward while keeping your hair outward. Use your thumbs to keep the sock underneath the hair. The movement is pretty self explanatory once you get started you’ll get the hang of it.

Keep rolling it down until you get to the bottom of the ponytail.

*I promise the look is not as intense as my face is here*

You’re pretty much done; all that’s left to do is to play around with it until you get it the way you want. You can also add some hairspray in order to smooth out the rebel hairs. Your hair should sit by itself but if you’d like more security feel free to add bobby pins or clips to secure it.

And…voila, you’ve got a classy bun on your hands! I really like this look, I think it’s perfect for when you want your hair out of your face as well as for more formal events.

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