I was incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I got on my last post. Thank you so much to everyone who commented, I am so lucky to have such amazing people read my blog, you’re all incredible!

A lot of the comments involved the fishtail braid and since it’s something that’s so incredibly easy to do (and you know I’m all about easy hairstyles), I thought I would do a post on how people with medium length hair can achieve this look as well.

Step 1: I usually like to start this style with well brushed hair like you should with any other hair style you do.

Step 2: In order to achieve this look I put my hair in a middle to high ponytail. This makes it easier for people with medium length hair to do the fishtail braid and it will ensure that it will stay in longer. I would say this is the key step which differentiates people with medium length hair from those with long hair.

Step 3: Separate your ponytail in two different sections making them as even as you can.

Step 4: Pick up a thin strand of hair from the far right of your right section. In order to do this you can let go of the right section as long as you’re still holding on to the left section.


Step 5: Carefully move the strand of hair you’ve just picked up from the right section to the left section. The strand will naturally sit at the right side of the left section.

Step 6: Grab the left section just as you did before with the strand from the right section added to it.

Step 7, 8 & 9: Are the exact same process from the previous steps except on a different side. Grab a far left strand of hair from the left section and place it in the right section. It really is that easy!

This is how your braid should look once you’ve gone over the steps a few times. Feel free to go as low or stop as high as you want and if you want to add thickness to the braid you could stop higher and lightly pull on the braid in order to make it appear fuller.

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